Quality Policy

" We are committed to provide solutions conforming to international standards, through constant upgradation of technology and processes, in order to ensure consistent quality for our customers."
Quality ensuring reliability ans Customer satisfaction. Ortolan Compuweb Pvt. Ltd workss with you throughout to ensure that your objective and standard are met. Our Commitment to technology helps to offer our coustomers the most advanced solutions on the market.

We provide service to huge magnitude of clients from simple one time keying requirements of complex multi entry and multi levels of quality checking entries.
Ortolan Compuweb Pvt. Ltd. offers integrated service solution designed to meet the needs of business using the Internet to communicate with customers.


At Ortolan Compuweb Pvt. Ltd. we use hard copies or images as raw data and the output will be delivered in the required format. Whether it is a one - time projects or ongoing project, we can help you with a full range of outsourcing services. We work round the clock and are available for any communications.

Our Services range from online data updating on custmized forms to connectiong to the customer's database server securely uning VPN, updating daa through various interfaces. T1 internet connctivity with state of the art security apparatus and a certified system team will ensure that we transition the project proactively.

At Ortolan Compuweb Pvt. Ltd. offer the cost-effective alternatives making no compromise on the quality of the data.