File and Documents management System - FDMS

The Files and document management system provides your organization with an easy way to keep track of every letter . You'll never have to wonder just what you said or when it was sent/receive. No more wasting time wondering which words to use. There's even a quick link at the top to generate letters, because we're sure you'll be using it frequently.
This software is for tracking official letters sent to company clients. It provides facilities for inserting, editing, deleting as well as searching of letters by date, subject and/or by the client name it was sent to.
FDMS provides a complete automated environment to store, manage and distribute letters using a web based system. Our system also offers the below modules & features.

FDMS is suitable for Many offices:
  • Corporate offices
  • Small and Mediam size business
  • Agency
  • Dealers and Distributors
  • School, Hospital, shop and more.
  • Bank
  • Government offices..
It will help you to:
  • Central Database Server
  • GUI running on Windows client
  • Accessible through Network
  • Auto Generation of Reference Numbers
  • Manage Letter date
  • Manage letter Receive and sender
  • Collect all information about sender and receiver.
  • Get all information in one click
  • And much more...

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